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My client creates notices where all text is bold. I have figured out how to change the config.contentCSS to change the default text to font-weight:bold;, but this is not the same as pressing the bold toolbar button which uses tags. bodyfont-family: "Arial"strongfont-family: "Arial Bold";How can I know what font is being used by default The easiest way is to look in the content.css file, or enter some text into CKEditor and do right-click -> "inspect element" and see which font is being used. Bold, italics, underline, and strike-through used in CKEditor In CKEditor it is possible to combine these styles or use them in conjunction with other formatting methods. It is worth remembering, however, that bold, italics, underline, and strike-through often have special meaning.

I'm pretty sure the question should be "I want bold text in a textarea. But with my first code the text in the textarea is test. How can I make the textarea display the 'bold' effect?" – Martin Hennings Feb 14 '12 at 9:25. config.coreStyles_bold =element: 'span', attributes:'style': 'font-weight:bold' , overrides: ['strong','b'] ; That way strong and b tags will be recognized and new tags will be inserted as spans with style. If I write something example TEST1 and TEST2in ckeditor, and retrive it, the font are displayed as following The only format I applied is bold. TEST1 TEST2 By removing the format clear format.

We are migrating CKEditor issue tracking to GitHub. Please, use GitHub to report any new issues. The former tracking system this website will still be available in the read-only mode. I have a config.toolbarGroups setting in config.js but I don't know what name to use for the groups to add font family/font size controls. It seems the documentation is lacking in this regard. I've found some suggestion that I should use CKBuilder to create a package that already includes it, but I can't redeploy the entire ckeditor just to add a couple of buttons. It looks like we'll have to re-write the color/font/size code from scratch to be able to solve this problem properly. In this way we'll be able to apply style in different. CKEditor est une application source ouverte, ce qui signifie qu'il peut être modifié de la manière souhaitée. Il bénéficie d'une communauté active qui évolue constamment avec l'application avec des add-ons gratuits et un processus de développement transparent transparent development process. 20/12/2013 · I am facing an issue with the numbered list in ckeditor. When I try to bold some text in li, only the text is getting bold, without the preceding number. This is how it looks like, One Two Three It.

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