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Tuleap is the tool to turn your digital transformation plans into reality. Whatever product you are selling, the value it brings customers is in the software. Tuleap helps your teams adopt the Agile and DevOps practices they need to accelerate the delivery of quality, customer-focused software solutions. Tuleap est une forge logicielle et une solution de gestion du cycle de vies des applications. Tuleap permet de suivre tous types de tickets, de gérer des projets qu'ils soient agiles ou/et en cascade « waterfall », de gérer les exigences et d'automatiser les développements. 32 lignes · 08/11/2019 · Tuleap Open ALM is a Libre and Open Source tool for end to end traceability. Tuleap est la seule solution ALM sur le marché qui soit 100 % libre et développée par un éditeur spécialisé. Tuleap ne fait pas de distinction entre une version « communautaire » ou « entreprise ». Tuleap est entièrement libre, sous licence GPL, pour une évaluation ou une utilisation en production.

In addition, using Git, you will be able to facilitate online code reviews with the Git Pull Request plugin. Here are how it works and why you should consider doing code review. Pull Requests home in Tuleap. What is a Git Pull Request. A Pull Request is one of the method to do code review into Git tool. It is a way of submitting new code to a project. It is often the advised method of submitting contributions to. Tuleap est une suite ALM complète: tracking de bugs, de tests, de risques, etc, gestion de versions, intégration continue, gestion documentaire, outils de collaboration, etc. Tuleap est distribué sous la licence GPL. L'éditeur de Tuleap, Enalean, a fondé son modèle économique sur le support et les services professionnels.

Tuleap est le 1er outil Open Source pour la Gestion Agile et le Développement Logiciel. Il aide les équipes à produire des logiciels plus pertinents, plus facilement, plus rapidement. Tuleap est un outil tout-en-un qui supporte les approches agiles, devops et mixte. With Tuleap there is no vendor lock-in, and you can really browse the source code. There is no other Enterprise ALM on the market that gives you the freedom of Tuleap.

Tuleap, la suite ALM 100% Open Source.

07/06/2018 · Download Tuleap for free. Tuleap, full Open Source platform for Agile Management & Software Dev. Tuleap Open ALM™ is the first Open Source & Libre Application Lifecyle Management ALM solution aka Software Forge. Tuleap enables Product Owners, Developers, Quality people, Project Managers, Businesses and customers to collaborate. The organisations using Tuleap achieve industry compliance, tracing customers’ expectations back to code, to test campaigns, to final deliveries. Last but not least 100 % Open Source. Tuleap project has always be driven by agile principles, transparency and FLOSS spirit. Tuleap has two editions, the Community Edition and the Enterprise.

Project Summary. Tuleap is an Application Lifecyle Management ALM software aka Software Forge. Tuleap developers are baking the best Open Source ALM software. What is Tuleap issue tracker? Tuleap offers a range of open source modules, and one of them is dedicated to issue/artifact/incident tracking. This module lets team members create, update, monitor, and resolve issues and provides features like project report graphs.

At Tuleap, we challenge the way teams work together to help you focus on building quality software that will change the world, instead of being held back by a disorganized work environment. See Tuleap in action. Schedule a demo today. Tuleap software is the tool you need to help your teams build better software, deliver []. Next steps¶ Once you have a fully running Tuleap you can start using it: issue tracking, source code management, agile planning and more. Checkout our tutorials and videos on Getting started page.

Welcome on!is a platform to host and manage your public Open Source project the Agile way. Plan, Track, Develop, Review and Share your software. If you are looking for a test enviroment. You can also get a free, private, sample trial project. Code and Reviews connected to tasks and more. Bring more efficiency by connecting branches, commits, and pull requests to Tuleap Tracker issues. Just work and Tuleap automatically links all work items backward and forward. To install Tuleap you will need a fully dedicated server. It can be virtualized or physical. It is not recommended to install Tuleap on a server that hosts other applications. Tuleap provides a full suite of software and is deeply integrated with its host system. Installing Tuleap on a mutualized server will certainly cause probleme in both. Tuleap enables Product Owners, Developers, Quality people, Project Managers, Businesses and customers to collaborate on their software projects. Provided features: Scrum, Kanban, Project planning, issue tracking, version control, continuous integration, code review, delivery & document management, communication tools. Code review with Tuleap Pull requests¶ Tuleap pull requests aka PR are built on top of Git. They provide an easy way to do code review and integration workflow. Tuleap also supports code review with Gerrit. Features: Create requests across branches in the same repository. Create requests from a personal fork. Comment in files reviewed.

Tuleap offers a powerful open source Scrum and Kanban agile tools. Since Tuleap 9.19, you can enjoy a velocity chart in addition to the Burnup and the Burndown. What is velocity? How to read the chart like a pro? How to configure it into Tuleap? What is a Velocity chart? Velocity chart shows how much []. Tuleap is the first fully libre and open source software GPL licence for Enterprise Application Lifecycle Management. Tuleap is provided by the Enalean company and the community members. Tuleap enables agile project management, issue tracking, source code management with leading open source tools, code review, document management and more.

We enforce these rules to maintain consistency as much as possible in the very large and diverse Tuleap codebase. Automated tools also help integrators speed up the review process. Nobody wants to spend hours leaving comments about code style, and nobody wants to spend hours fixing code to satisfy those comments;. Are you a Scrum ninja team? Or a newbie and want to start implementing Scrum and agile processes? Agile with Tuleap makes your work and your teams’ smarter, easier, faster. In this article, I share how getting started and running an agile development with Tuleap. Step by steps, everything is here. Create a Scrum-Friendly workspace []. From small startups using Tuleap to keep track of their project advancement and manage their source code to very large companies, like the French telecom operator Orange, which deployed it to over 17,000 users and 5,000 projects hosted. Many users rely on Tuleap to facilitate agile projects and track their progress. Developers and customers.

Read writing about Github in Tuleap. The 100% Libre & Open Source platform for Agile Management and Software Development. Scrum. Kanban. DevOps.. Tuleap est l'une des forges libres issues de la base de code de SourceForge, avec comme cousines des FusionForge, Savane ou Codendi. Elle fut longtemps développée principalement pour une utilisation en interne par Xerox à Meylan sous le nom de CodeX puis Codendi, puis en partenariat avec son client principal STMicroelectronics. Tuleap est fourni par la société Enalean et les membres de la communauté. Tuleap permet la gestion de projet agile, le suivi des problèmes, la gestion du code source avec des outils open source de premier plan, la révision de code, la gestion de documents et plus encore.

After replication, the sources will be replicated on the Gerrit server with a set of default permissions based on access rights at the time of migration. On Tuleap side, as soon as the git repository is migrated, the repository is turned read-only the reference is now on Gerrit. User can still browse the repository through the web UI, clone. tuleap Tuleap is a Free & Open Source Suite to improve management of software developments and collaboration. With a single web-based solution, project managers, developers & quality managers can easily build, deploy software projects. Once the code is on the server, Bob goes to the Tuleap web interface, in the repository git service. From there he can create a pull request by selecting the source and target branches. Source branch is where the work was done, target is where it should be integrated. — Tuleap Agile & Libre @TuleapOpenALM 16 novembre 2016. En novembre dernier, dans le cadre du «Paris Open Source Summit», nos développeurs de Ring ont rencontré l’équipe d’Enalean, qui développe l’outil open source Tuleap, utilisé pour le développement de Ring. Voici en quelques paragraphes notre discussion à bâtons rompus.

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