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golang futures / promise with any function signature you like. - noypi/future. This video tutorial will help to write Go Lang Starters to create a Basic Web Server which serves a couple of test pages. Using net/http package we can initiate a server which can Listen to the gi. result:= future.GetWithTimeout3 time.Second I run into a problem that golang still doesn’t support generics so Future struct returns an interface and type casting should be handled by the user. Future.

Do you believe that GoLang is the future of both web and system programming? I'm a senior PHP developer looking to learn a new language. As I'm not a good. The state of golang and it's future question I'm currently a PHP developer but after finding Go and seeing it was capable of so many things SNES emulator to web app creator I. Package futures is useful for broadcasting an identical message to a multitude of listeners as opposed to channels which will choose a listener at random if multiple listeners are listening to the same channel.

Note: this roadmap is quite out of date, and with the announcement of vgo, there are new externalities to consider. We're trying to this doc updated, but there's a lot of moving parts to be planned around first. We hope to update it by May, 2018. In the meantime, be assured that dep will be around until it no longer needs to be, and that we'll continue to work to improve it. The Go programming language also known as Golang is Google’s general-purpose programming language engineered for the multi-core reality of today’s computers. Go is a statically typed, compiled language like C that boasts the user friendliness of dynamically typed, interpreted languages like. Future/Promise模式在多种语言都有对应的实现。比如ES2015就有Promise和async-await,Scala内置了Future,最后在Golang里有goroutine和channel可以实现类似的功能。下面给出一个简单的实现。. Note thatis still the home for the open source Go project and the Go distribution. v is a companion site to provide these supporting resources. Clicking on Explore brings you to pkg.v, a central source of information about Go packages and modules. Like, pkg.v serves Go.

Hey there, welcome to the SP forums. Go is a great programming language, which is only getting more and more popular. It wouldn't be a 'bad' choice, however this would depend on a variety of other.

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