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7922 Encoding with h264_amf, muxing in MP4,.

How to use Nvidia NVENC encoder - HEVC vs H264. If you use a high-end NVIDIA graphics card and install the latest NVIDIA graphics card driver, you will be able to enhance the recording ability of Bandicam by using the GPU of the graphics card. [06:31:29] Opening codec: h264_nvenc with options: 2pass=1b=25000000bufsize=35000000cq=0gpu=0level=4.1maxrate=35000000preset=hqprofile=mainrc=vbr [06:31:29] Failed opening codec: h264_nvenc [06:31:29] Unable to open video encoder: h264_nvenc [06:31:29] Closing encoders. [06:31:29] Unable to initialize the encoder. I created a directshow filter that calls FFMPEG APIs to encode using h264_nvenc, h264_amf, h264_qsv and Xvid, then mux in MP4. It tries opening the encoders in that order, if it fails it moves on to the next one. I also tested with libx264, but did not include it in release build since I have not procured a commercial license for x264. Skip to content. Next Projects Groups Snippets Help. Keywords amf added Summary changed from Encoding is corrupted when using d3d11va hwaccel and d3d11 as hardware output format to Encoding with h264_amf is corrupted when using d3d11va hwaccel and d3d11 as hardware output format.

16/01/2020 · DEV.LS h264 H.264 / AVC / MPEG-4 AVC / MPEG-4 part 10 decoders: h264 h264_qsv h264_cuvid encoders: libx264 libx264rgb h264_amf h264_nvenc h264_qsv nvenc nvenc_h264 Also, in the configuration line you should see "--enable-libx264". Доброй ночи форумчане, хотел попросить помощи у знающих людей, значит сидел всю жизнь на видеокартах от зеленых и получилось так, что сейчас использую видеокарту от.

我是gtx1050,所以ok,在网上查询,突然发现,win里面如果直接下载了ffmpeg官网的exe,他其实里面自带编译好的一些nvenc的,是可以直接调用的。. 動画を高速に変換しよう! nvidiaのgpuを利用したハードウェアエンコード機能「nvenc」。cudaによるエンコードの後継となるもので、cpuに負荷をかけることなく高速にエンコードができます。. ffmpeg.exe -i test.mts -vcodec h264_nvenc test.mp4. ちゃんとエンコードできました。 前回と同じく、iPhone 6で撮影した2分の動画(1920×1080)を以下の環境で1280×720のh.264に変換してみたところ、x264の5倍速となる、わずか15秒で完了しました。. I have a dual GPU system with a rx vega 56 and a rx 480. I have noticed when the vega 56 card is active I have the capability to do an encode with ffmpeg using the h264_amf encoder. The problem arises when I use VFIO to do pci pass-through for the vega 56 card to a vm. This effectively disables my vega gpu during boot and the rx 480 is the only accessible card. 27/10/2018 · I am developing a software involve H264 encode using ffmpeg, recently. When i use h264_qsv and h264_nvenc, everything is ok. But i found the stream encoded by h264_amf, the SPS and PPS only contained by first GOP.

Gaming Machine OBS Studio Stream > Stream Type: Custom streaming Sever rtmp://encodingserver:1935/live/ Output > Streaming; Encoder: H264/AVC Encoder AMD Advanced. 26/12/2018 · FYI ffmpeg use libx264 but this is one of few h.264 encoders supported by ffmpeg i use private ffmpeg build that support those encoders: libx264 libx264rgb libopenh264 h264_amf h264_nvenc h264_qsv nvenc nvenc_h264 and as libx264 is external library thus it have own, private set of parameters - IMHO quite reasonable approach some global. 14/10/2019 · I’ve created a couple of videos and saved them to my computer as MP4s, but when I try to play them in windows media player I get a message saying the file can’t be played because ‘the player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file’.

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