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This page compares software with specific support for the Scrum framework. Although the features of some general project management software can be conceptualized around Scrum, general project management software is not included on this list unless it has, or a plugin for it has, specific support for Scrum. Jira Software. Project and issue tracking. Jira Service Desk. Service desk and customer support. Jira Core. Manage any business project. Confluence. Document collaboration. Bitbucket. Git code management. See all. Resources. Documentation. Usage and admin help. Community. Answers, support, and inspiration. System Status. Cloud services health. Suggestions and bugs. Feature.

Scrum is an agile process framework for managing complex knowledge work, with an initial emphasis on software development, although it has been used in other fields and is slowly starting to be explored for other complex work, research and advanced technologies. It is designed for teams of ten or fewer members, who break their work. Like other methods, Scrumban can be implemented with a help of various tools. The most basic Scrumban implementation is a physical whiteboard with sticky notes. Electronic solutions, similar to scrum and kanban electronic boards are available as well. They offer a full automation of the board, where it only has to be updated by the team members. jiraは、プラグインアーキテクチャや、jira開発コミュニティやサードパーティにより開発された非常に多くのインテグレーションを持っている。開発者がアプリケーションをjiraにプラグインできるように、jiraのapi は拡張性のある設計がされている。. Inicialmente Jira se utilizó para el desarrollo de software, sirviendo de apoyo para la gestión de requisitos, seguimiento del estado de desarrollo y más tarde para la gestión de errores. Jira puede ser utilizado para la gestión y mejora de los procesos, gracias. SCRUM. SCRUM SCRibing Unified Methodology или SCRapbooking Unified Methodology или Sprint Continious Rugby Unified Methodology — набор принципов, ценностей, политик, ритуалов, артефактов, основанных на скрайбинге и скрапбукинге, на которых.

Schwaber opuścił Scrum Alliance pod koniec 2009 roku i założył, która nadzoruje równoległą serię akredytacji "Professional Scrum". Od 2009 roku metodyka Scrum jest oficjalnie zdefiniowana w publicznym dokumencie o nazwie "The Scrum Guide". Dokument ten był aktualizowany 5 razy. Obecnie najnowsza wersja pochodzi z listopada. Scrum har tillämpats sedan tidigt 1990-tal och formaliserades 1995. Scrum är ett sätt att fördela arbetsuppgifter i tiden med bibehållet fokus på levererad affärsnytta. Tanken är att få ordning i projekt med kontinuerliga förändringar i önskemålen om funktion, till exempel att kunden upptäcker ett förbisett problem under provning. Scrum aus englisch scrum für „[das] Gedränge“ ist ein Vorgehensmodell des Projekt-und Produktmanagements, insbesondere zur agilen Softwareentwicklung. Es wurde ursprünglich in der Softwaretechnik entwickelt, ist aber davon unabhängig. Scrum wird inzwischen in vielen anderen Bereichen eingesetzt.

the JIRA Workflow and Practices: explain Jira terminology, workflow, and the expected information to describe an issue. the Scrum Framework: explain the importance of Scrum along with the roles, the ceremonies and the artifacts; The links below are procedures that dive deeper to address everyday usage of Jira. Create a Backlog Item. Jira Software includes the base software, including agile project management features previously a separate product: Jira Agile Jira Service Desk is intended for use by IT or business service desks. Jira is written in Java and uses the Pico inversion of control container, Apache OFBiz entity engine, and. Scrum boards are currently unavailable as JIRA Agile has recently been upgraded. An administrator must complete a reindex before you can use these boards. When making the following actions. Accessing JIRA Agile Scrum Board. The following appears in the atlaasian-jira.log.

Jira Software. Project and issue tracking. Jira Service Desk. Service desk and customer support. Jira Core. Manage any business project. Confluence. Document collaboration. Bitbucket. Git code management. See all. Resources. Documentation. Usage and admin help. Community. Answers, support, and inspiration. System Status. Cloud services health. Suggestions and bugs. Feature. There are five main issue types in Jira. I recommend you narrow your choices to just these: 1. Epic - These are your main buckets of work. They can be long-lived workstreams like Prod Bugs or releasable projects. The former wouldn’t have a fixvers. Етимология. Подходът е създаден през 1987 и името му произлиза от scrum, scrummage – „спорна топка“ на английски и по-точно - идеята за играта ръгби в случая, и. Scrum es un marco de trabajo para desarrollo ágil de software. Es un proceso en el que se aplican de manera regular un conjunto de buenas prácticas para trabajar colaborativamente, en equipo y obtener el mejor resultado posible de proyectos, caracterizado por: [1]. Méthode Kanban. Dans le développement de logiciel, un système Kanban virtuel est utilisé afin de limiter les tâches-en-cours. Bien que le nom Kanban provienne du japonais, qu’il puisse être traduit comme "carte de signalisation", et que l’on utilise des cartes dans la plupart des mises en application de Kanban au développement de.

JIRA ソフトウェア - Wikipedia.

JIRA Software是包含JIRA Agile插件的JIRA Core JIRA Agile,实践Scrum和看板敏捷开发,使团队开发过程变得可视化,从而帮助你识别瓶颈并界定问题,以便做出快速的反应。 1.1.3 JIRA Service Desk 收集请求,服务客户,统计报告. Concepts Intro 0m Agile Development 1m Scrum Framework 1m JIRA for Agile Scrum 2m User Stories, Epics and Themes 1m Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team Member 1m Product Backlog 1m Sprint Planning Meeting 1m Daily Scrum 1m Burndown Chart & Velocity 1m Sprint Retrospective 1m Sprint Review 1m JIRA 1m. Scrum werkt met multidisciplinaire teams, die bij voorkeur in één ruimte werken, zodat er gemakkelijk kan worden overlegd. Het team wordt begeleid door een scrummaster, die een faciliterende rol heeft. De Product Owner of Producteigenaar, is de klant of opdrachtgever, of een vertegenwoordiger daarvan. Un récit utilisateur, ou « user story » en anglais, est une description simple d’un besoin ou d’une attente exprimée par un utilisateur et utilisée dans le domaine du développement de logiciels et de la conception de nouveaux produits pour déterminer les fonctionnalités à développer.

Scrum is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal. The framework, which is often part of Agile software development, is named for a rugby formation. Jira Software.

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