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For me, Chrome uses the same settings as IE without me having to make any configuration changes, so a default installation of Chrome at the current version automatically presents my credentials to my ADFS Federation server when I log into SharePoint Online. 03/10/2017 · In Chrome, after entering their email address, the login is passed to ADFS which prompts for credentials using the system dialog grey box at the top of the window. I've already added my ADFS URL to the local intranet zone in IE as suggested by some searching around and I've also added the Mozilla/5.0 browser agent string to my ADFS config. 04/01/2016 · Hi, we have Windows 10 with standard free Azure AD. SSO Azure join into Office 365 for example entering portal. in IE works absolutely fine, no login/password needed. Anyhow, I don't get it work on Mozilla and Chrome. Added network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris in Mozilla. · Hello, Greetings! We are pleased to. If you want to disallow some users from using Seamless SSO for instance, if these users sign in on shared kiosks, set the preceding values to 4. This action adds the Azure AD URL to the Restricted zone, and fails Seamless SSO all the time.

12/09/2017 · 3: I've installed Chrome, i am getting an authentication prompt, but not the same and I guess this is because of the trusted website not being added in Chrome GPO not applied on the server. So it is different. and I have the feeling that it would work with the GPO. 09/12/2015 · Google Chrome does work with my ADFS server to get user logged in after putting in Domain credentials. The difference is it did not pass through the credential like IE does. So there is no errors. The only issue is for domain joined computers, if using google chrome, login is not single sign on, because user need to type in password again. Configuring Chrome and Firefox for Windows Integrated Authentication. Mar 14, 2017 Last updated on August 2, 2018 Windows Integrated Authentication allows a users’ Active Directory credentials to pass through their browser to a web server. I had intermittent luck with the solution where you edit the registry to disable SSO in Chrome. One problem was that several patterns matched the URL that I wanted to exempt from SSO, another problem was that sometimes SSO was active again. I think this is related to a script that “occasionally” at least once per day, I think runs through.

If you have deployed ADFS 3.0 in your organisation you will find that by default only Internet Explorer works for SSO. To add support for Edge and Chrome we have to make some changes on the ADFS servers. By default ADFS 3.0 does not recognise the browser user agent for Chrome or Edge. So we need to add them to the ADFS config. ADFS v3 on Server 2012 R2 – Allow Chrome to automatically sign-in internally 21 Replies Symptom: When upgrading from ADFS v2.0 to ADFS v3 built natively into Server 2012 R2, I noticed Chrome stopped auto-logging in people when trying to hit the ADFS server from inside the corporate network. A small glitch is that browsers such as Chrome and Firefox do not support ‘enhanced protection’ when using windows authentication. So what does this mean? It means that if you log in with ADFS from a non-IE browser, it will not work. You will see this authentication failure in the application log: An account failed to log on. Subject.

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