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Le règlement PSD2 de l'UE ne s'applique pas à la Suisse. La Suisse mise sur des solutions d'économie de marché. Il n'est pas nécessaire d'adopter une réglementation analogue à la PSD2. La Suisse mise sur des solutions d'économie de marché. PSD2 Account Information API The PSD2 Account Information API aggregates data from end-customer payment accounts of any EU bank via a single API gateway. The API comes with a consent management system to ensure full compliance with the GDPR and PSD2. Are you fully prepared for PSD2? Check out all of the information you will need to ensure your organisation's success in this presentation by our very own Hars.

La PSD a été instituée par la loi du 24 janvier 1997 dont l'entrée en vigueur date du 30 avril 1997. LA PSD est une prestation en nature, gérée et servie par les conseils généraux, et destinée aux personnes de plus de soixante ans, présentant un certain degré de dépendance évalué par une équipe médico-sociale selon une grille. PSD2 regulates and harmonizes two types of services that were already in existence when the first PSD was adopted in 2007, but which have become more popular in recent years: on the one hand, the Payment Initiation Services PIS; and Account Information Services AIS on the other. Tirant les enseignements de la directive 2007/64/CE concernant les services de paiement DSP 1, la directive UE 2015/2366 du 25 novembre 2015 DSP 2 adapte le cadre réglementaire des services de paiement aux défis posés par l’apparition de services innovants, par la croissance rapide des paiements électroniques et par le rythme. PSD2 in a nutshell By 13January 2018, Member States will have to implement Directive 2015/2366/EU in their national regulations known as PSD2 ¹ On the one hand the need stems from the necessity to regulate a market characterised by increased complexity in terms of player and.

January 2016 PSD2 is published in the official journal of the European Union January 2017 Deadline for EBA to submit RTS on authentication April 2017 estimate EBA RTS adopted by commission October 2018 Deadline for EBA RTS Compliance for ASPS, PSPs and Authorities January 2018 Deadline for member states of the EU to transpose PSD2 as law across 28 member states. 2015 2016 2017 2018. PSD2 - Payment Services Directive 2 What is new ? 1. Background 1.1 Context & timeline The Revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 follows in the footsteps of PSD, adopted in 2007, and is a fundamental stage in the implementation of the Single Euro Payments Area SEPA. PSD2 opens the market to new payment actors and extends the scope of. The EBA's work in the area of payments and electronic money is aimed at ensuring that payments across the EU are secure, easy and efficient. The regulatory output in this section includes the technical standards and guidelines under the revised Payment Services Directive PSD2; the mandate conferred on the EBA in the Interchange Fee Regulation.

PSD2 was first brought in at a European level in 2015, but members of the EU have until 2018 to implement it - which is why it matters now. What are the key changes? PSD2 will break down the bank’s monopoly on their user’s data. It will allow ‘merchants’, businesses like Amazon, to retrieve your account data from your bank - with your. Operational Threat from PSD2 Access to the account puts technical obligations on banks The “Regulatory Technical Standards” may be principles than specifications. There is a fear that fragmentation will lead to money being wasted PSD2 fails to achieve the aims of. A Guide to the latest information and sources of support Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking. Running, without a finish line Today, users of payments services are demanding greater speed, choice and convenience from their payment service providers. In addition, they expect omni-channel functionality, and increased control of their financial information. PSD2 tackles these demands head. Read all about the new regulations - PSD2 strictly followed from 14 September 2019 in Europe region. Find more about it in this blog. Payment Services Directive 2 The Human Chain LtdDocument V1.1 02_02_2016 Contact: Brendan Jones brendan.jones@ 44 0 7785 388 867 1. who we are and our customers 2 specialists in developing new propositions from concept to launch UK based business and technology consultancy leadership in use of digital, mobile, e&m-commerce,.

Il y a 10 ans déjà, le Parlement européen lançait la PSD 1, la première directive sur les services de paiement. Cette directive visait à garantir un marché des paiements uniforme au. Sources: Ci-après, les distinctions du contrat d’assurance vie ING DIRECT VIE, dans l’ordre de présentation. Trophée d’or 2016 LE REVENU, catégorie « contrats d’assurance vie sur internet » LE REVENU Mensuel – n°227 Avril 2016. Top 2016 de l’Assurance Vie en ligne TOUTSURMESFINANCES.COM, catégorie « Meilleur service client ».

directive européenne PSD2. Il contient une présentation générale de ce qu’est la direc-tive PSD2 et des implications spécifiques pour les commer-çants offrant des services de paiement de proximité dans le magasin ou à distance e-Commerce. Dans ce contexte, les évolutions des règles des schémas de paiement induites. Learn about the unique Solution that allows Salt Edge Partner companies to unlock the power of open banking in a compliant way even in the absence of their own AISP licence, with minimal resources.

21/11/2017 · Our webinar discussing the implication of customer authentication under the General Data Protection Rule and the Second Payment Services Directive. The first 30 minutes is the presentation. The revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 Information meeting for banks PSD2 - 15/11/2016 1. The revised Payment Services Directive PSD2 Information meeting for banks Introduction Anne Demelenne Febelfin PSD2 - 15/11/2016 2. Introduction -Publication, on 23 December 2015, of Directive EU 2015/2366 of 25 November 2015 on payment services in the internal market, amending Directives. PSD2 changes that. It brings those TPPs within its scope by creating two new functions: payment initiation services “PIS”; and account information services “AIS”. Under PSD2, online businesses authorised as PISs, will be able initiate payments on behalf of a consumer without recourse to acquirer banks and card networks. Similarly.

With regards to the issue of consent, we believe the emerging UK Open Banking APIs approach provides a useful model on which to proceed and we would suggest that firms, both in the UK and the rest of the EU, review these plans and consider whether this approach can be embedded into their own planning for PSD2 and GDPR.

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