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This is an excerpt from the Scala Cookbook partially modified for the internet. This is one of the shortest recipes, Recipe 11.19, “How to Get the Keys or Values from a Scala Map” Problem. You want to get all of the keys or values from a Scala Map. Solution. This is Recipe 11.18, “How to Traverse a Map in Scala” Problem. You want to iterate over the elements in a Scala Map, such as to print all of the key and value elements in the Map. Solution: Looping over Map values. There are several different ways to iterate over the elements in a Map. Given a sample Map.

Scala - Maps - Scala map is a collection of key/value pairs. Any value can be retrieved based on its key. Keys are unique in the Map, but values need not be unique. Maps are a. This is an excerpt from the Scala Cookbook partially modified for the internet. This is one of the shortest recipes, Recipe 11.17, “How to Access Map Values in Scala” Problem. You want to access individual values stored in a map. You may have tried this and run into an exception when a key didn’t exist, and want to see how to avoid that. Getting values from Map given list of keys in Scala. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 11 months ago. Browse other questions tagged list scala map or ask your own question. Featured on Meta Update: an agreement with Monica Cellio. 2019: a year in moderation. Related. Scala 2.13 - MapView$.MapValues. Class scala.collection.MapView.MapValues. Class scala.collection.MapView.MapValues class MapValues [ K, V, W ] extends. Getting a Scala Map from a Java Properties. I was trying to pull environment variables into a scala script using java Iterators and/or Enumerations and realised that Dr Frankenstein might claim parentage, so I hacked the following from the ug.

In Spark 1.3, is there a way to access the key from mapValues? Specifically, if I have. val y = x.groupBysomeKey val z = y.mapValuessomeFun can someFun know which key of y. In revision 21018, filterKeys and mapValues started returning map views in everything but name. This cause a few problems, however -- the lack of a distinct type does not help identifying them as returning non-strict collections, and they lack a force method to retrieve a strict collection. 谨慎使用Scala Map的mapValues, 你需要的可能是transform 05-01 阅读数 5919 没有踩过mapValues的坑之前,我相信大多数人会认为mapValues和所有其他map类方法的逻辑是一样的:对Map里所有的value施加一个map函数,返回一个新的Map。. This page is no longer maintained — Please continue to the home page at scala Search this site: Scala Main Menu. seq mapx => x -> methodx//: Map[X, Y] seq mapx => methodx -> x//: Map[Y, X] that I'm wishing for shorthands, e.g., seq mapValues method_ //: Map[X, Y] seq mapKeys method_ //: Map[Y, X] Just figured I'd throw it out there. alex. Top. Login.

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