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Mark the radio button next to Exchange ActiveSync and click Next. Enter all the relevant information. If you are using the Exchange ActiveSync EAS Proxy functionality of Sophos Mobile Control, enter the URL of the Sophos Mobile Control server within the Exchange ActiveSync host field. Pour vérifier les informations du compte, le proxy EAS de Sophos Mobile Control recherche un appareil avec un identifiant ActiveSync inconnu et un utilisateur assigné qui correspond aux informations de l’utilisateur fournies par le client de messagerie. Si cet appareil est trouvé, l’identifiant ActiveSync est assigné à cet appareil et.

← Sophos Mobile Enable ActiveSync only devices on a case by case basis If a user has devices currently not supported in SMC, like Blackberry 10, Symbian, WebOS or Bada, the EAS Proxy will block them to access the Exchange server. This article describes the available options in Sophos Mobile Control to deploy Exchange ActiveSync accounts to Android devices. Also, refer to the article Sophos Mobile Control: Installation pre-requisites and confirm the pre-requisites are met. The following information below about EAS Proxy may be helpful for you in your environment. About Sophos Mobile administrator help. This help describes how to use the Sophos Mobile product in Sophos Central. It covers the features available for the Mobile Standard and Mobile Advanced license types. For other versions of this help, see the Sophos Mobile documentation web page.

Earlier versions. Here you can download the documentation for Sophos Mobile 8 and earlier. Support for Sophos Mobile 8 and earlier has ended. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to the latest version. Sophos Mobile Control Active Sync Profiles for Certificate. Active Sync Profiles for Certificate Based Authentication with Exchange. Hi everyone, we are using SMC 7 and it works fine in the moment regarding ActiveSync Profiles with a user/password combo. But we are in the process of rolling out smartcards for our userbase. This makes the user/password combo impossible. We now have to use.

On devices that run Windows 10 Mobile, Sophos Mobile can’t check for compliance with the Data roaming allowed rule because the operating system does not provide the Sophos Mobile Control app with the relevant information. When you forbid data roaming, a Windows 10 Mobile device with data roaming enabled is still reported as compliant. Sophos Mobile C ontrol is a d evice manag ement sol ution for mobile d evices lik e smar tphones and tablets. Sophos Mobile Control helps to keep corporate data safe by managing apps and security settings. It allows configuration and software distribution as well as security settings and many other device management operations on mobile devices. Mit Sophos Mobile können Office-365-Anwendungen auf mobilen Geräten verwaltet und konfiguriert werden. Administratoren sparen Zeit, weil sie alles über eine zentrale Konsole steuern können – das macht die Erstellung und Verteilung von Richtlinien in der Verwaltungsoberfläche von Sophos Mobile. The EAS proxy is downloaded and installed separately from Sophos Mobile. It communicates with the Sophos Mobile server through an HTTPS web interface. Note Because macOS doesn’t support the ActiveSync protocol, you can’t use the EAS proxy to filter email traffic coming from Macs. Features. If you want to update Sophos Mobile during that period, disable these tasks before the update and re-enable them after the update is finished. Changing the server URL after installation. After changing the server URL using the Configuration Wizard you need to reactivate the Sophos Mobile standard license.

After the installation has been completed, the Sophos Mobile EAS Proxy - Configuration Wizard is started automatically and guides you through the configuration steps. 3. In the Sophos Mobile server configuration dialog, enter the URL of the Sophos Mobile server the EAS proxy will connect to. Sur ces appareils, le client SMC n'est pas en mesure d'envoyer l'identifiant ActiveSync au serveur Sophos Mobile Control. Lorsqu'un appareil contacte le proxy EAS de Sophos Mobile Control pour la première fois, l'identifiant ActiveSync que le client de messagerie envoie n'est pas connu par Sophos Mobile Control. Pour vérifier les informations. smartphone_solutions.easproxy.ActiveSyncIdResolver failed to resolve active sync id 'ACTIVESYNCID', could not find a matching device smartphone_solutions.easproxy.ProxyServlet could not resolve active sync id 'ACTIVESYNCID' to a device. First seen in Sophos Mobile 2.5.0 Sophos Mobile 3.0. Operating systems Android. What to do. Ideas / Sophos Mobile. Select A Product. Cloud Optix Data Protection Endpoint Protection Phish Threat Secure Web Gateway SG UTM Sophos Central Sophos Mobile XG Firewall. Sophos Mobile Suggest, discuss, and vote on new ideas for Sophos Mobile. Countless devices, one solution. Suggest an Idea. ← Sophos Mobile. Active Sync for Androids Can we enable Exchange ActiveSync. Das Sophos Mobile Control System besteht aus einer Server- und einer Client-Komponente, die über Datenverbindungen und Textnachrichten kommunizieren. Der Sophos Mobile Control Client lässt sich schnell und einfach installieren und verwalten. Dies wird durch Over-the-air-Setup und Konfiguration über die Sophos Mobile Control Web-Konsole erreicht.

How to configure Cloud Based MDM and Active.

← Sophos Mobile Reset ActiveSync ID to change mail client Give the enduser the ability to reset the ActiveSync ID to use another mail client, like Touchdown. 25/09/2014 · So it appears that the Sophos is accepting Anonymous authentication and I don't see an option anywhere to prevent this. That's probably not the issue that's stopping ActiveSync from working, but without this issue resolved thetest will not proceed. Is there any way to accomplish this? On devices that run Windows 10 Mobile, Sophos Mobile can’t check for compliance with the Data roaming allowed rule because the operating system doesn’t provide the Sophos Mobile Control app with the relevant information. When you forbid data roaming, a Windows 10 Mobile device with data roaming enabled is still reported as compliant. All required information has to be provided to ensure that the Sophos Mobile Control server runs properly on your network configuration. Note: In this document, SMC is used as an abbreviation for Sophos Mobile Control. 2 System environment 2.1 Mobile devices Please specify which device types you plan to use with Sophos Mobile Control. ← Sophos Mobile Have the ability to configure Exchange ActiveSync configuration for all flavor of Android mobile devices Having either a Samsung mobile device with SAFE v2 or Nitrodesk Touchdown may not be feasible in many instances for BYOD situation.

As with many Sophos Mobile Control SMC installs done on site, client devices need to be forced through the Exchange ActiveSync Proxy. To enforce this setting we need to wrap an ACL around the IIS virtual directory used by the Exchange ActiveSync service. The following sections are covered: What to do; Feedback and contact. Sophos Mobile Control 10. 2.9 Prerequisites for standalone EAS proxy. Sophos Mobile Control offers a separate installer for configuring a standalone EAS proxy for example for load balancing. For the external EAS proxy, several aspects have to be considered. Depending on usage scenario, the EAS proxy cannot be addressed directly. With. When an Android Profile which includes Activesync is applied the default options are to sync the Calendar but not the Address book. It would be really handy if the default was to sync the address book as well or perhaps give administrators the option to specify in the profile as for Windows Mobile profile. Sur ces appareils, l’app Sophos Mobile Control n’est pas en mesure d’envoyer l’identifiant ActiveSync au serveur Sophos Mobile. Lorsque l’appareil contacte le proxy EAS pour la première fois, l’identifiant ActiveSync que le client de messagerie envoie n’est pas connu par Sophos Mobile. Pour vérifier les informations du compte. Sophos Mobile Control license in a folder with Japanese characters in the folder name DEF85338 If the Sophos Mobile Control license file is placed in a folder with Japanese characters in the name for installation, the installation process fails. Changing the server URL after installation.

Dzięki Sophos Mobile Control, użytkownicy zyskują elastyczność pracy w terenie, niezależnie od rodzaju posiadanego przez nich urządzenia mobilnego. Mobilne i prywatne. Chroni poufne dane dzięki możliwości konfiguracji urządzeń mobilnych w jednolity i bezpieczny sposób, łącznie z politykami haseł i blokowania ekranu. Although the Sophos Mobile server enforces the renewal, some devices send the old, invalid push registration information to the Sophos Mobile server when they re-register. As a result, the Sophos Mobile server can't send push notifications to these devices to synchronize the built-in MDM agent. This is an issue in Windows 10.

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