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In normal mode, disks are included in snapshots that you take of the virtual machine. If you do not want data on the disk to be recorded when you take a snapshot of the virtual machine, configure the disk to be independent. If you configure a disk to be independent, you can further specify whether changes you make to the disk are to persist or. You can use a raw device mapping RDM to store virtual machine data directly on a SAN LUN, instead of storing it in a virtual disk file. You can add an RDM disk to an existing virtual machine, or you can add the disk when you customize the virtual machine hardware during the virtual machine creation process.

Disks in persistent mode are the simplest to use. Disks in persistent mode behave like conventional disk drives on your physical computer. All data written to a disk in persistent mode are written out permanently to the disk. The behavior is the same for all disk types. RDM Disk is added to first virtual machine successfully. Next Login to VM, open server management, collapse Storage then under Disk management, from the list right click Disk 1, click online, I have 2 disks now disk 0 is OS, RDM is Disk 1, so this might differ and depend on how many disk. RDMs can be configured in two different modes: physical compatibility mode RDM-P and virtual compatibility mode RDM-V. The former delivers the light SCSI virtualization of the mapped device while the later entirely virtualizes the mapped device and is transparent for the guest operating system. Well, RDM-V disk is very close to what VMFS actually is. It behaves just as if it were a virtual disk, so I. RDM is useful in physical-to-virtual conversion operations by avoiding migration of a large data LUN to a VMDK. Types of Raw Device MappingRDM Compatibility Mode. There are 2 types of Raw Device MappingRDM Compatibility Mode. 1.Virtual compatibility mode allows an RDM to act exactly like a virtual disk file, including the use of snapshots. 2. Let’s have a look at the two modes in more detail: Independent Persistent Mode Disks. When a virtual machine is configured with a disk in this mode, and you take a snapshot, you will notice that a delta file for the disks in independent persistent mode isn’t created. Writes will continue to go to this disk as though a snapshot isn’t in place, and when that snapshot is removed, the changes to the disk will remain.

We all know that SVMotion uses snapshot technology to move virtual disks from one datastore to another. We all know that a default SVMotion procedure move all Virtual disks as well VM Home directory and all other VM files. We all know that independent virtual disks and RDM in physical compatibility mode can't be snapshotted. compatibility mode allows a mapping to act exactly like a virtual disk file, including the use of redo logs. Physical compatibility mode allows direct access to the SCSI device, for those applications needing lower level control. With raw device mappings, VMware now has the most flexible storage capability for virtual machines in the industry. 11/02/2015 · As you dive into the inner-workings of the new version of VMware vSphere aka ESXi, one of the gems you will discover to your delight is the enhanced virtual machine portability feature that allows you to vMotion a running pair of clustered Windows workloads that have been configured with shared disks. I pause here now.

2 Ways to Create VMware RDM Disks in Physical Compatibility Mode. There are 2 simple ways to create Physical compatibility RDM disks. First one is via vmkfstools command CLI and the second one is via vSphere Web Client. 1. Create Physical Compatibility RDM Disk using vmkfstools. Creating RDM disk Physical compatibility mode using vmkfstools.

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