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wp_insert_post returns null

By the time the user publishes or otherwise saves the post, the ID is already established. The only time it’s 0 and the other data is available is when the post is added via script and not through the post edit screen. Thus the “wp_insert_post_data” filter is not suitable if you need to really know the update status. In such cases, you. If input with name new_post and value of 0 then add the post. No action needed for the form, but you should keep the PHP part on the top of the header. No action needed for the form, but you should keep the PHP part on the top of the header.

I am creating a page and some childpages, using wp_insert_post, whenever a post is made in a custom post type. the pages are created just fine however wp_insert_post does not return the id of the childpages, instead it returns null. ‘ID’=> post_id will update that post, while ‘import_id’=> post_id will create a new post with that id. You can also loop through and feed the IDs to run multiple insertions/updates without the risk of creating an infinite amount of new posts.

14 Ways to Get Post ID in WordPress. In this tutorial I will show you how to get post ID by: post title, post slug, post URL, meta key, pair of meta key and meta value, category/tag ID etc. 建站技巧 wp_insert_post 插入文章到数据库,WordPress 制作投稿页 1周前 12-25 75.

insert post ID with wp_insert_post - ExceptionsHub.

Search first Be sure that you first search in Google, the WordPress forums, Codex or this site using the form in the menu. Sharing your previous results helps narrowing down the problem if you also tell us what you found and why it didn’t serve your needs. Insert or update a post. WordPress-Infos für wp_insert_post, ein/e WordPress Function. 说明. 该函数可在数据库中插入文章(及页面)。它可以进行处理变量,检查操作,填充日期/时间等缺失变量等工作。. ダッシュボードのフィードボックスをカスタマイズ(2011年7月8日 更新) 管理者ページのトップページ「ダッシュボード」には、「WordPress 開発者ブログ」と「WordPress フォーラム」という2つのフィードボックスが表示されている。. Si tu fais un [c]ALTER TABLE wp_posts AUTO_INCREMENT = 10001;[/c] et que cela ne retourne pas d’erreur, il n’y a pas de raison pour que l’auto-increment reprenne une valeur à 0 dans la base.

Today, we will begin the mini-series on how to insert posts via the front end. We will be covering a variety of different aspects in this tutorial, beginning with form validation and inserting posts. So, let's get ready and begin! Our goal after completing this mini-series should allow the user to. 【参数】 $post array 必需 一个文章对象. 与数据库wp_posts表中的字段一一对应. 默认: 无 重要: 如果设置$post[‘ID’]的值,将. int required – The post ID. If equal to something other than 0, the post with that ID will be updated. Default 0. If equal to something other than 0, the post with that ID will be updated. Default 0.

Insert A Post With Custom Fields. To insert a custom post from WordPress without using it’s native post page you can use WordPress’ wp_insert_post function from a plugin or an individual page. In WordPress wp_insert_post is being used to insert a post programmatically but what if you want to add some custom fields with the post that you. Имейте ввиду, в функции срабатывают хуки, например save_post, wp_insert_post. В функциях таких хуков можно использовать $_POST или $_GET данные.

Wp_insert_post Id 0

Si vous lisez la documentation de wp_insert_post, elle renvoie l'ID de publication de la publication que vous venez de créer. Si vous combinez cela avec la fonction suivante __update_post_metaune fonction personnalisée que j'ai acquise sur ce site et adaptée un peu. 10/11/2014 · [Closed] Help using wp_insert_post for Custom Post Types in PHP This is the technical support forum for Toolset - a suite of plugins for developing WordPress sites without writing PHP. Everyone can read this forum, but only Toolset clients can post in it. Function Reference/wp set post tags. Languages: English • Italiano • 日本語 Add your language Contents. 1 Description; 2 Usage; 3 Parameters; 4 Return Values; 5 Examples; 6 Notes; 7 Hooks; 8 Change Log; 9 Source File; 10 Related; Description. Set tags for a post. Every tag that does not already exist will be automatically created. Uses wp_set_post_terms. Usage

Now that we have the state figured out, we repeat the process for the city with one small change. Instead of using "0" as the parent ID in termexists, we're going to use the state's ID to make sure we're getting the correct city. If the city hasn't been created for that state, we'll also need to specify the state ID. In this post, we’re going to show you some of the methods you can use to do this, and highlight some of the best plugins for the task. But first, we’ll show you how to do duplicate a page or post in WordPress the semi-manual way, without a plugin. つまり関数『wp_insert_post』を使って投稿する→最後にアクションフック『wp_insert_post』が呼び出される、という構造になっています。同じ名称なので、間違わないように注意する必要がありますね。.

wp_insert_post A HitchHackers guide through.

How to Duplicate WordPress Page or Post. Creating a duplicate of your existing WordPress posts or pages can be useful in many situations. You can use the copy as a template for future posts, or a reference when you redesign your website. @Greg I’m using wp_insert_post then a few update_field functions from a front end form. Is there a way to force accent characters into a custom field? WordPress doesn’t insert any accent chars when using wp_insert_post but if I save and updates post meta in the backend it stores fine. Im having the same problem, and a search online shows many others are as well. There doesnt seem to be a solution though. A use case for something like this could be, looping through an web service data source eg tumblr/twitter/fb/etc and inserting that as posts into WP.

描述 该函数可在wordpress数据库中插入文章(及页面)。它可以进行处理变量,检查操作,填充日期/时间等缺 []. Ich bekomme lediglich die Post-ID 0 zurück. Auch mit anderen Benutzern und/oder Kategorien klappt es nicht. Auch mit anderen Benutzern und/oder Kategorien klappt es nicht. Im Error-Log meines Providers All-Inkl stehen zwar Einträge, die haben aber offensichtlich nichts damit zu tun.

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